FANGIRL MOMENT: Global K-Pop Star Coming to Toronto…

Fangirl Moment: Big Bang’s G-Dragon is coming to Toronto this summer. Mic drop.

Oh My Goodness. I couldn’t believe my eyes. In the middle of working a particularly long purchase order in Oracle, I paused to glance at my phone after a series of buzzes. Turns out my K-pop friend from university k-pop/hip-hop fusion dance classes was sending me screenshots of G-Dragon’s world tour and was holding a show NEAR ME. HOLD THE PHONE~ don’t drop it.


So for those of you that don’t follow or know K-pop, first of all, where have you been? It’s the best thing in the world when you need a boost in your mood, anytime. Secondly, BIG BANG is only the best male Kpop group DUH. They can pull off any genre and style, both musically and fashionably, recognized globally and this world tour is proof that they are recognizing their international fanbase and exploring their own individual identities as a global star. While G-Dragon may not be my favourite or bias in the group, he is actually the one I remembered first when I started listening to them back in 2009. My bias is obviously the tall, intensely masculine yet insanely weird T.O.P. but I’ll take G-Dragon and his unique voice any day you’re not offering me Tabi (hehe K-pop fans are nodding now).

I guess the main thing was that I was super stoked and determined to go to the Air Canada Centre to see G-Dragon but, lo and behold, the only Toronto show is on July 30th, smack-dab coinciding with my friend’s wedding day and reception. Words cannot describe the fangirl frustration as one tries to keep “adulting” and make the “once in a lifetime” choice. But seriously, I’m considering how low it’d be of me to go to a concert instead of my friend’s wedding. I mean, they even gave my boyfriend and I their wedding invitation before everyone else because bae wasn’t going to be around when they initially planned to hand out invites.

So we’ll see how things go, since tickets go on sale May 5th anyways, I still have a week to see the affordability of these tickets. Sigh, and the merch, guys. The MERCH. So excited my grammar is slipping. Almost.

Will keep y’all updated 😉

❤️ XoXo

Sunnie Obsessions ☀️


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