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ANIME: Figures, it’s Yuri on Ice

OH MY GOODNESS. It’s been a while since I’ve been swept off my feet with an anime but the truth is: I miss it. I miss this life of being immersed with animated art and storylines and beautiful characters. It’s the life I love!

Allow me to introduce to you: Yuri On Ice.


Set in modern times, this anime is based on figure skating and holds a wonderfully diverse cast of characters that are competing to qualify and win the Grand Prix series, with the hopes of advancing into the next levels of competition in ice skating. I have always loved sports-related animes and mangas and this selection did not disappoint in that regard. Part of that joy stems from learning the different aspects of the sport, such as terminology, understanding the pressures and turmoils that the athletes experience and how they overcome their individual weaknesses and challenges. The anime follows the main character, Yuri Katsuki, who finds himself in a slump after losing in the Grand Prix Final, but attracts the attention of the five-time winner of the Grand Prix, Victor Nikiforov, who surprises Yuri by being his coach for the upcoming competition towards the Grand Prix series. This first season follows their combination and how they learn from each other and are encouraged and influenced by the people they encounter on the way towards their goal. In this case, we get to see how Yuri grows in his confidence in his own abilities through his coach Victor

The best part of watching sports animes is definitely the eye-candy of good-looking and amazingly talented characters that spring up throughout the storyline and mimic how a fan would encounter different figures that appeal to the fan in different way, to the point that you find it utterly impossible to only have one favourite. When I watch this anime, I find myself pointing out all the attractive points of this character and that character, especially between characters of opposing personalities and traits (usually the stoic and composed vs. the passionate and fierce), and melt when either side shows a crack in the facade – a smirk or soft smile). As a fan watching, it’s like getting to know them as real people and it’s so relate-able and warm and fuzzy, bonding with these characters. It sounds so cheesy, but that’s the trait of a strong anime: storytelling with the ability to emotionally grip the viewers’ hearts as they see reflections of themselves in the anime characters. Personally, I found myself relating a lot to the family and friends of the skaters (the fans, obviously) since I would be going all out to cheer for them, haha! And it’s scenes like these that make the entire anime come alive because it’s realistic!

So hope that review got you a teensy insight on what I love about anime and this particular anime without spoiling anything (I despise spoilers). YOU MUST TRY THIS ANIME if you a) love sports and watching sports anime b) enjoy seeing lots of good-looking guys c) don’t mind the skinship between males. I think the last point is a given if you know anything about skating since it’s like dancing on ice; you have to know your body and how to control it to maneuver the ice like an angel πŸ™‚

In any case, I leave you to experience Yuri on Ice for yourselves! Do let me know your comments down below and if you have any recommendations for me on what to watch next!
Yuri on Ice characters

Ja ne~! (Bye now!)

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3 thoughts on “ANIME: Figures, it’s Yuri on Ice

  1. I was looking forward to this anime from the moment that it was only a rumour. I’m a big fan of figure skating & have been following most of the major competitions since I was in my teens. However, I’m very surprised by how obsessed I became for this anime when it started airing. I don’t normally watch airing anime, preferring to wait unil all eps are out & the hype around a series die down a bit before watching, but I broke all my personal rules just for Yuri on ICE. I flooded my followers’ timelines with Yuri on Ice everyday. I’m excited for the movie, but I hope that they still make an actual S2. I also hope that Avex lifts its ban on international buyers. That was a terrible decision on their part, in my opinion. Unless they’re gearing to announce something better. Oh well. At the moment, I’m having fun with all the previews of amazing Yuri on Ice merchandise. Anyway, I always enjoy encountering other fellow Icers. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Yayyyy we fans have a name, Icers! Haha sounds so legit! I was introduced to it through one of my closest elementary-to-post-secondary-school friends who is also into anime and manga. We both enjoy the competitive animes that revolve around school but this one stood out since it wasn’t about school competitions anymore, but next-level pro πŸ˜€ (apparently even real-life figure skaters watched this anime) Still hoping for a second season for the end of this year when the movie is slated to be released πŸ˜† gives me so much hope LOL. At any rate, I’ll be playing the OST in the meantime to re-live it πŸ˜‰

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      1. Well, I just coined Icer because it’s such a mouthful to refer to us as Yuri on Ice fans or even just YOI fans. Indeed, this is another level because it occurs in the pro setting. So you do like sports anime? Same here. I’m looking forward to the upcoming anime Ballroom e Youkoso & the diving one. So exciting. Indeed, all of us hope for s2 of Yuri on Ice. I’m optimistic that we’ll get it…hopefully.


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