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OCCASIONS: Father’s Day Gift From a Skincare Junkie

So as you all (should) know, it’s Father’s Day this weekend so I hope everyone had a good celebration of fathers everywhere. As for this skincare junkie, I’m proud to say that I have a father who has recently discovered the benefits of having a basic skincare routine for his overall skin appearance (youth is no longer on his side, it seems). Naturally, I indulged in satisfying his (and my) interest in getting him a special skincare gift set from renowned Korean brand Laneige. Since he’ll be using them in a hot and humid climate, I figured simplicity would be best for him.

I stumbled onto this gift set while shopping with my mother this earlier this weekend and realized Laneige had a l’homme skincare line and focused on lightweight hydration. In my mind, I was always on the lookout for new products to introduce to my dad for his routine whenever he informed me he was running low on cleanser, moisturizer, etc. So voila, I bit the bullet and snapped up this set (it was rare for a set to be released in the middle of the year instead of the end).

It’s such a basic moisturizing duo set with the full-size toner and emulsion with travel sizes of both products as well as the matching cleanser. I find this set so succinctly simple in its design and purpose that it is absolutely perfect for any guy in your life. Mine so happens to be for a father showing interest in skincare for appearance perks in the latter stages of his life.

Hope that when he receives it in 2 weeks via my mother-courier, it will be used well and happily! I shall report back on its efficacy later when he has a chance to share the results with me 🙂

Hope everyone enjoyed their time with their dads and loved ones! I most certainly did, despite being an ocean away. I just made sure to have a siblings lunch date with my brother instead 😉

Can’t ever say no to good food and company! Especially after watching Wonder Woman this weekend! It was so good, I had to upgrade my ticket to a superticket to pre-order the DVD and I NEVER do that for any movie…but this one is different. I’ll share about it in another post, haha!

Catch y’all later,

❤️ XoXo

Sunnie Obsessions ☀️


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