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HAUL: Spring/Summer Assorted Fashion, Makeup, & Jewelry Haul

Hello everyone, it’s a long weekend! The month of May is always welcome because of the warm weather, the blooming cherry blossoms, and the Victoria Day long weekend (in Canada) to enjoy said warm weather and cherry blossoms. Obviously, with the sunnier season in full swing, new additions to my fashion and cosmetics inventory appear in the form of “spring shopping”. Disclaimer: I did not buy all these hauls at once; they’re little hauls here and there spread over the course of 2 months.

Let’s dive into fashion first since this purchase is the freshest from Pacific Mall. It is basically a collection of small individual shops and a few tea & drinks franchises that sell everything related to Asian fashion, cosmetics, electronics, and lifestyle items. You can find many interesting and random things at this place and it’s become a sort of cultural symbol in the GTA. I like to frequent a few of my favourite clothing and phone-case stores here and picked up a sleeveless grey knit sheath-style dress and a spring-green crochet-back cardigan. Perfect for layering and mixing-and-matching with my existing wardrobe and can be dressed up or down. These details matter the most in clothes shopping because you always want to add pieces that mesh well naturally with your wardrobe (yet avoid duplication) and enhance what you already have. In particular, the dress hits about 2 inches above my knee which is ideal for my petite frame and still work-appropriate. I might even be able to wear it throughout the year and change up my bottoms from bare legs to tights to leggings, depending on the season 🙂

I probably spent the most in my cosmetics haul (mostly skincare) since Holt Renfrew had their promotional event last weekend for Mother’s Day. Besides gifting my mom several picks from her favourite skincare line, I stocked up on some goodies myself. Amore Pacific has always been a huge Korean skincare brand favourite of mine and I took advantage of the promotion and got a $50 gift card back from my total purchases that weekend. I got the Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System in the full 200ml size (best hydrating toner substitute), Moisture Bound Sleeping Recover Masque (loved the travel size), and the Moisture Bound Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence (Renee from Gothamista on YouTube recommended it for plumping up dark under-eye circles). As you can see, I tend to focus on moisture in my skincare and these additions to my routine (sans sleeping masque) have been a wonderful boost in giving my skin a drink of bamboo sap twice a day. Hopefully, this boost will up my skin game, especially when we discuss makeup next.

Since warm weather is here, I decided to pick up Sephora’s summer Beauty Blender trio set and the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation in shade 4.5 to get some higher coverage for my skin that now has to battle the AC at work and also to camouflage my periodic (monthly) breakouts without separating into an oily mess by noon. The smell and texture is very luxurious, similar to the brand’s Maestro foundations, but the formula is not as ideal as I’d hoped. The finish is a luminous matte and while it is matte without feeling dry in the initial application, the finish doesn’t stay matte throughout the day. Even over my HG primer, The Ordinary’s High-Adherence Silicone Primer, I find my base makeup to separate and come off in a powdery white streak (from my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil loose powder) every time I tap my fingers onto my skin to gauge my oiliness. Not pleasant. If anyone has any recommendations on how to apply this foundation well with a beauty blender, please comment away down below!

Finally, for the best part of my collective hauls, I finally reached out to Steph Nguyen from DSK Jewelry again and had her create some custom bracelets and earrings for me. I’ve been her loyal fan and customer since I first found her online shop on Blogspot through Bubzbeauty on YouTube and I had several necklaces from her years ago. Branching into bracelets and earrings for my jewelry collection, I decided to splurge on another order and voila! Enjoy the pretty pictures although they really do these beautiful pieces no justice! Check out her Instagram for more HD pictures and inspo!

And of course, my most guilty purchase this round of haulage, has to be a new Kate Spade wallet. The black/cement version of the Morris Lane Kieran wallet, to be precise. It’s a thing of beauty combined with classic elegance and practicality that it just had to be mine. Thankfully, I still had a valid post-grad student card to get me another 15% off the regular price which made the decision slightly easier. I’ll now have a matching purse and wallet that will definitely last me a good many years! Lots of love!!!!

Of course, these things are just part of enjoying the warmer weather of spring and summer. The most important thing is to actually go out and soak up the sunshine (with SPF protection) and enjoy all of nature’s beauty around you while you can!

Have a blessed long weekend!

❤️ XoXo

Sunnie Obsessions ☀️


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