FRAGRANCE: My Current Top Five Perfumes

As a disclaimer, I am definitely a perfume-obsessed person, researching hours on end on different fragrances and brands just to curate the best perfumes that suit my current taste (read: citrus-y florals and vanilla spices) in samples or mini sizes until I knew I loved the scent and then splashed out the money for the full size. I’ve gone through a good many scents throughout the past 5 years of my fragrance history so I decided I would introduce my top five perfumes in current rotation throughout the year, in order of strongest sillage and longevity. This is more like a mini-review of each scent so if you’d like a deeper review, leave a comment down below on what you’d like to know more about 🙂

  1. Chanel Les Exclusifs – Jersey
    Jersey will always be my signature scent. I say this not because I wear it all the time, but because I CAN wear it all the time. It will last through any season, especially the cold months of Canadian winter, and be its own standout in a wearable way for 8+ hours on a single spritz. No matter where I’ve gone, people who ask me what I’m wearing are surprised to hear that Chanel has a Les Exclusifs line. The best way to describe this scent is “wearing a lavender jersey sweater and eating French macarons” for its incredible balance of warm richness and sweetness melting into the fabric of jersey. One of the reasons why I will forever be loyal to Holt Renfrew is because they carry this line at the Yorkdale and Bloor flagship stores that I frequent the most. Plus, the boyfriend seems to like this one the most on me, since he remembers snuggling into this scent when we first started dating. Two thumbs up 😉
  2. Hermès – Jour d’Hermès Absolu
    Back in my last year of university, I was going through samples and one of my housemates fell in love with this scent. I ended up getting it last Christmas in a set and the white floral notes of gardenia and jasmine, combined with the strong citrus-y apricot blossom, envelopes me in an almost-tangible cloud of peachy-coloured freshness for 6-8 hours. Now that it’s spring in Ontario, I normally use this scent for any day I’m not in the office; you could probably wear it in the office as well, but as the sillage is quite strong on me, I prefer not to project my fragrance outside my personal space at work.
  3. Diptyque – Eau Duelle EDP
    Generally, I prefer florals with a citrus kick in my perfumes but for winter, I have a craving for warm vanilla spiciness and this beauty completely ticks off all the boxes for me: warmth, depth, sweetness mixed with spice, and very reminiscent of cashmere sweaters and chai lattes topped with cinnamon spice (like the one from the Toronto Distillery District). Diptyque is my go-to brand for deep and rich perfumes that make a stately and mature entrance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t linger for any more than 4 hours until I have to re-apply. Fortunately for this particular scent out of the all the Diptyque ones I’ve tried, this fragrance clings to my skin chemistry the best. Maybe it’s the bourbon vanilla extract.
  4. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris – Aqua Universalis EDT
    If your workplace allows for fragrance and you’re on the hunt for an appropriate, no-fuss option, look no further. This scent is exactly as its name suggests: it’s universal in regards to how it smells like a captivating floral perfume but with those lovely bergamot and Sicilian lemon citrus top notes that wake up your olfactory senses in the morning. While the dry down leans a bit powdery, it is by no means sickening or stuffy. The best part is that it lasts the good part of the work day, fading into a decrescendo of musky wood tinged with orange blossom. The entire composition blends so effortlessly into my skin (and clothes) that people think you naturally smell good all the time! It certainly makes a good impression at the workplace. A must-try!
  5. Jo Malone London – Star Magnolia
    This cologne has the least sillage and longevity of the five but it’s enough to last 4-6 hours with a hint of scent on your wrist. The lemon and magnolia and neroli notes inside are fairly potent, particularly reminiscent of my high school drama club productions; this perfume smells exactly what our backstage makeup room smelled of: all the cosmetics, hair spray, cold creams, costumes, mixture of everyone’s individual scents in the flurry of activity, etc. This scent does well in outlasting some of its other brand counterparts (particularly in the light florals section), so I would say it’s a level-headed floral for a limited edition piece. And the packaging is always pleasing to the eyes~ Not my favourite from Jo Malone but my current new choice in the brand.

Hope that was a pleasant read for your olfactory imagination to end off your Mother’s Day weekend and perhaps keep these perfumes in mind the next time you pass a counter; it’s totally worth to try these scents, especially if you can snag them during a Sephora 3X-the-points-on-fragrance event or those spend-a-certain-threshold events at Holt Renfrew (my usual go-to’s for fragrance-buying)!

Let me know what your current fragrance faves are down in the comments below!

❤️ XoXo

Sunnie Obsessions ☀️


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