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SKINCARE: Find Your Own Skin Type Before Creating a Routine

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the weekend!

Sorry this post is a teensy bit late but I thought I’d use this chance to talk about this transition between winter and spring, as the month of April is meant to do. Change in the air means…change in skincare routine! But before you let me ramble on about actual products, let’s step back and examine our skin first, shall we?

Skincare products are often labeled for certain skin types so what does that mean and look like? I’m sure everyone understands the spectrum of dry to combination (ME: dry patches and oily zones) to oily skintypes but that description often only describes the layer of skin we see on the surface. How do we classify the layers underneath?

My viewpoint on determining skin type is particularly framed by a long and insightful skincare consultation I had with a Laneige skincare associate in Hong Kong about a year ago. During the session, she used a handheld mangnification gadget to look at my pores up close to see their condition. It was typical for me to see sebum and a few clogged pores here and there on my skin, especially in my T-zone area, but what I was not expecting was the sheer dryness everywhere. I thought it had to do with my sensitivity, but the associate told me that since hydration is so key to our internal and external health and well-being, my skin condition, particularly sensitivity, is due to insufficient hydration. She recommended plenty of her brand’s hydration line products, but the core concept was to use hydration as the main force to combat any skin concerns.

Concept: Youthfulness is found in water retention. Like Jessica Jung’s Blanc & Eclare skincare line here:

With this new mindset, I set about changes to my skincare routine and how I viewed the health of my skin in relation to how I quenched its thirst. In turn, I hope that you can pay attention to how much water you intake (I drink 1 glass every 2 hours) and how much hydration is in your skincare routine. Remember, the deeper layers of your skin are dry which then causes different reactions in the surface layers: dryness in the form of flaky skin and patches, or dryness in the form of overproduction of sebum (oil is the skin’s way of hydrating itself), resulting in clogged pores and breakouts. Both scenarios which are most common in determining surface skin types will help you determine what KIND of hydrating products you need, not IF you need hydrating products.

Now that you’ve understood thus far, next time I will show you my own transitional skincare routine to combat the early chill of spring as it progresses into warmer winds. They are products that I’ve tried and tested on my sensitive, combination, but dry skin. It sounds complicated but it’s the layers of the complexity and wonderful structure of skin that make it possible for you and me to attain beautiful skin over time, with lots of diligence and patience.

‘Til next Friday!

❤️ XoXo

Sunnie Obsessions ☀️


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