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BOOKWORM CORNER: My Current Reading Pile

My earliest memories of being a bookworm involve 4-year-old me sitting cross-legged in my family room corner, facing the bookshelf lined with children’s English and Chinese books with the afternoon sun pouring in above my head. Leaning on the side of the armchair, there was about a 2-foot gap between the chair and the bookshelf that created a safe haven of escapism for my imagination and me. In those hours of waiting for my little brother to wake from his nap and grandma to take us out for a romp in the front yard, I tackled reading English words on my own, pronouncing them as I remembered the alphabet letter sounds. Those are my earliest memories of actively practicing the art of reading and picking up vernacular, however elementary the words might be now.

My favourite book memory has to be of the Chinese storybook on how diligent germs are, wreaking havoc in the mouth of a boy who only cared for playing instead of proper hygiene. The illustrations made up for the fact that I couldn’t read the Chinese characters at the time. Such were the childhood readings I had.

How time flies.

My taste in literature has obviously grown since then, but variety has always been the overarching consistency. My picks are usually influenced by either fiction-with-a-twist, notable authors, or a combination of both (e.g. reading a series by a notable author that I am familiar with). Although I recently fell in love with lots of young adult fiction, such as the Lunar Chronicles, I decided to take a break and ground myself with some more mind-challenging reads. Here is a rundown of my current rotation:

  1. Jo Malone: My Story – by Jo Malone MBE, founder of the Jo Malone London and Jo Loves fragrance brands
  2. Hello Avatar – by Beth Coleman, my former Digital Media professor at the University of Waterloo
  3. Letters to a Young Progressive – by Mike S. Adams, a professor who exposes the flaws in the liberal thinking that is spread on campus in regards to conservative values and Christian beliefs
  4. Found: God’s Will – John MacArthur, an American pastor-teacher and professor of the Christian faith whose books are well-known in Christian circles

While this list is by no means exhaustive, these are the ones that are actually in progress. Like many bookworms, there are always so many books to buy and not enough time to read them all before more books come into my collection, not to mention e-books. I’ve put a ban on myself to refrain from refilling my Kindle app on my iPad with more e-books of the Dragons in Our Midst series (and its two related quadrilogies). Hopefully, this ban will help me focus on polishing off the physical books I have on my plate.

If you also like reading, feel free to leave recommendations down below! I’m open to doing book reviews in the future so it’ll be interesting to see how our opinions agree or differ 🙂

‘Til next week!

❤️ XoXo

Sunnie Obsessions ☀️


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