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REVIEW: Kate Spade Cameron Street Byrdie Bag

She is quick and curious and playful and strong.

Wow, you would think someone could introduce commas into that sentence. But it’s Kate Spade and I’m not one to criticize a brand that pretty much sums up my personal style of “sweet, girlie, and classy,” though oddly enough, it never occurred to me to consider this brand until now.

Recently, I was introduced to the brand Kate Spade through a friend I had previously worked with. She gifted me a wristlet wallet in the sweetest shade of French pink for Christmas and, naturally, I used it for several months before wandering into the Kate Spade store with its display windows all decked out in the new Hayes Street collection (see: camels). There were so many attractive bags but the one that caught my eye (and my mom’s) the most was the Byrdie bag style, specifically in the Cameron Street collection in the shade Toasted Wheat Multi.

Now, out of all the bags that KSNY had to offer, the Byrdie stood out because I had no bag in my collection that had a rounded shape and I always appreciate a sturdy bag that can keep its shape without being stiff. The crosshatched leather combined with the poly twill lining is perfect in preventing scratch marks and will hopefully prove durable, which is also the reason why I opted for the Toasted Wheat Multi since it that had that balance of dark and light shades. This colour combination makes it appropriate for all occasions, day or night.

For further practicality, the regular Byrdie (not the small Byrdie) has a bigger interior and has enough space to fit all my essentials with good room to spare. I find the exterior pocket at the back very useful to carry my phone, similar to a wide phone slot but accessible from the outside which is convenient if you tend to reach for your phone a lot. In terms of interior size, you’ll find there’s plenty of space if you’re the type of gal that prefers carrying the essentials without going full minimalist.

The crossbody strap is easily adjustable with lots of holes to change the length so I was quite satisfied with it, especially since I have a more petite frame. The added bonus was that there was no handle on the flap which I noticed most of my bags do. The lack of a handle actually changes the way the bag hangs on your body which I find to be more slimming and sleeker in silhouette. No complaints there.

Obviously, the price point is something to consider but as it ended up being a gift to me, I can definitely appreciate it more and enjoy using a beautiful bag that is both practical and befitting to my person (style and age!) because this Kate Spade bag just does it for me in its shapely style, colour scheme, crossbody feature, and roominess. The last part probably depends on how efficient you are in fitting everything inside, so if you’re interested in knowing what I carry in the Byrdie, let me know so I can show you in a separate post (or possibly video)!

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❤️ XoXo,

Sunnie Obsessions ☀️


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